The Dean Trust


The Dean Trust, with an outstanding reputation in school improvement, is at the heart of our growing partnership.

The Dean Trust aims to be a key driver, locally, regionally and nationally in the move towards the self-improving school system. It has a flourishing School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provision, a Maths Hub and a high quality, relevant professional development offer.

With a cadre of NLEs, LLEs, SLEs, facilitators and coaches, they support professional development in all phases of education, including leading the Outstanding Leaders Partnership.

In addition to this, the Trust Chairman, Brian Rigby MBE, is a designated NLG. The Dean Trust are eager to meet the challenges of the ever-changing educational landscape by supporting all our partners leading innovation and change. Good relationships are at the heart of their success and they pride themself in continuing to successfully nurture existing partnerships alongside the development of new challenges and opportunities.

The Dean Trust

  • Location Ashton on Mersey, Sale
  • Lead school Ashton on Mersey School